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Cindy Filler

The Rain is falling....must be November, 2017

Here it is…that season to park yourself on the couch in front of a cozy fire…oh wait, thats me! As much as I want to be outside in nature, I’m really a fair weather gal, and would prefer the sunshine and days when its NOT raining thanks. But here it is, my raincoats are dusted off and ready to brave the drizzles. Anymore than that and the fireplace calls! It rained so quickly this month that my Halloween decor was still up! And drenched. Oh well, most of it dried near the fireplace so it could be stored away for next year.

So what’s on your reading list for the winter? I have many as my Amazon wish list is several pages long from years of contemplating anatomy, physiology and osteopathic texts, to the latest and greatest in health and self help books, and then there’s the fun book list made up of sci-fi and fantasy novels to escape the dreary weather (actually to procrastinate on house chores!). There is never enough time to read them all. I do look them over once they are in my hands, but some are still in the “to peruse later” pile.

Here is my current read that I think you would enjoy. Have an open mind and heart as the author comes from a place of courage and love to share what he has learned. His food suggestions alone are worth more than the price of the book. There are two others by him that are also worth your time.

Medical Medium: (from Anthony William, the one and only Medical Medium, has helped tens of thousands of people heal from ailments that have been misdiagnosed or ineffectively treated or that doctors can’t resolve. He’s done this by listening to a divine voice that literally speaks into his ear, telling him what lies at the root of people’s pain or illness and what they need to do to restore their health.

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Cindy Filler

May 2017 - almost summer!

An Important message from the owner of Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques

Hello everyone,

We have reached 15 000 signatures for the ″L’encadrement de la pratique de l’ostéopathie et création d’un ordre professionnel des ostéopathes″ petition, which aims to create a professional order for osteopaths in Quebec.

Our goal is to exceed 20 000 signatures before the May 26th 2017 deadline. It’s possible, of course, if everyone takes part. I know that we are all overwhelmed with work, but this is worth the effort. We need activists for the cause. An activist osteopath can find help everywhere, even from his or her neighborhood grocer or mechanic. Yesterday, a janitor and his workers signed, and a restaurant owner participated in the petition along with his chefs and waiters. Today, five agricultural workers from an organic farm signed, too.

This is a crucial time, as we are doing this not just for the defense of our practice, but also to put osteopathy on the map. This petition has allowed me to explain osteopathy and also recommend patients to many of you and the external clinic. It has also allowed us to raise awareness among athletes, artists, and politicians. It is important for us to be respected and stay active in civil society.

Enclosed is the memo that was sent out in April. Don’t hesitate to send it to your patients so that they can help us reach our goal!
We are doing lots of good and our profession is amazing.

Let’s do our best.

Philippe Druelle, D.O.

To sign this petition please go to:

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Cindy Filler

April Showers bring May Flowers Spring 2017

Happy Spring!

Its been a long winter here in Victoria. But we are thawing out, the flowers, and their pollen, are sprouting in full force challenging my respiratory system. Allergies anyone? I’ve found having a spoonful of Manuka and/or locally produced honey helpful, on most days. Otherwise its just a delicious snack.

Coming to the Johnson street clinic on Saturday June 17
Vitality Treatment Center 1842 Oak Bay Ave Suite 302
  • note new location

How Muscle Testing Can Help with a Food Allergy by Leonard Carter

Food allergies are caused by a parasite you don’t know you have. You eat the parasite’s favourite food, it eats it’s favourite food, it excretes waste after eating, your body processes the waste, experiences all the symptoms of a food allergy, and not knowing you have a parasite, you identify the food as the originating variable and blame your immune system for attacking the food. This thought process misses two steps: 1) there will be a parasite you don’t know you have, 2) your immune system is responding to parasite feces and/or eggs, not the food itself. Once these two variables fall into place, it only remains to identify which parasite is causing the symptoms and how to eliminate it. A scientific Muscle Testing analysis can cover the identification, and there are various ways to eliminate a parasite once you know you have it (Medicine, Sound frequencies and Medicinal Herbs, although herbs are ineffective surprisingly often).
For the purposes of understanding food allergies, it will make the most sense if we understand that the very term “food allergy” is misleading, since it reinforces the incorrect assumption that the body develops a sensitivity to a food. Replacing this misconception is the understanding that parasites are the root causes of all of the following: gluten allergies, including celiac; milk allergies; egg allergies; all nut allergies including anaphylactic response; shellfish, fruit and reactions to meat, soy, peppers, etc. By extension, this covers most skin rashes and all digestive disorders, from constipation, bloating and diarrhea to the gradations we use the terms IBS, colitis and Crohn’s to describe, as well as most of the digestive medical conditions like Diverticulitis/osus, Ulcers, acid reflux and the various skin rashes that are otherwise written off as a rash, rosacea, eczema or psoriasis.
Considering the scope of these claims, it quickly becomes apparent that many people to some degree have a parasite. The severity of the symptoms are a reflection of variables such as number of species, quantity within a single species and locations of each. Typically as symptoms become worse, the desire to identify & eliminate the parasites becomes greater. Here is an outline to some of the considerations in identifying and eliminating parasites:

Book online for Saturday June 17 in Victoria on his website above. This is a special visit for this summer only.

April 16 – 22, 2017 International Osteopathic Healthcare week

Osteopathy Can Help with Back Pain, brought to you by Osteopathy BC

This spring I went to a yoga retreat, in Bali. Oh.My.Gosh. What an amazing culture and island! If you have never been, bump it up to the top of your bucket list of places to visit. The plane ride was not my favorite, as its 12 hours and 45 minutes from Vancouver (I did fly from Victoria to Vancouver, add 4 hrs), then a 4 hours layover in Taipei, then another 5 hour plane flight to Denpasar. Phew. I was there for 2 weeks, and that was plenty of time to explore. There is still so much more to see and do there. Cedar and Kara were the leaders in the retreat with yin yoga, and a variety of other styles, Ayurvedic self care body scrubs, Ai Chi (its TaiChi in the pool!), and cultural hikes and walks with the locals, and delicious local food.

Book Review

Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ by Giulia Enders (Author), Jill Enders (Illustrator)
A quick read on the inner workings of your digestive system with witty remarks and frank language. No cutesy terms here. I think a teenager would get a lot out of it without being squeamish about the content. Explanations are followed up by some research references and is more useful than a physiology book. If you don’t know how your body digests food, this is a great book to start learning.

Enjoy getting back outdoors, gardening, hiking, and general frolicking!