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136 days ago
Cindy Filler

Summer is Coming - Sunshine and Bare Feet 2019

How’s that warm sunshine feeling on your shoulders and back and legs and arms? With the colder Canadian winters, its so lovely to feel the sunshine and soak up all that Vitamin D. But why do we need this highly recommended, fat-soluble vitamin at all if we can get it from the sunshine? It’s been touted as helping with bone structure – fracture prevention to work with calcium, emotional well being, and a variety of other benefits. But is that just anecdotal? In a research based world here is an interesting article that summarizes a few meta-data analysis research that what we first thought was helpful, isn’t helpful at all: written by Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology, King’s College London. Are you taking too much? Do you have enough? Maybe this is why Health Canada does not pay for testing of it anymore…?? Something to thing about…

And with the warmer climates, we wear less socks and restrictive shoes…hello sandals! My next reaction is…OMG I need a pedicure! Soak, scrub, clip, buff, paint, polish…pamper your tootsies with a pedicure! Even better with a foot massage (have you been to Big Feet on Fort street?), or Reflexology from a locally certified Reflexologist. Or if your feet really need more than just a soak and a massage, see a massage therapist, podiatrist, a chiropractor, osteopath, or the local Foot nurse. Yes…there is a Foot nurse in Victoria – Google that! A really lovely service for those of our community who have a difficult time getting to their feet. I do love to work on feet as well. Did you know there are over 20 bones in each foot! That’s a lot of joints to work on. How many times have you stubbed a toe? or Toes? Or sprain or twisted an ankle? Do your feet hurt when you get out of bed, after a hike, or short walk, or a night of dancing? They carry a lot of weight on a daily basis, so we need to pamper our feet.
Tips for caring for your feet:

  • use a pumice stone to gently scrub the heels, or calluses
  • soak in a foot bath with some epsom salts, and a few drops of essential oils of your choice, maybe add in some coconut oil, or other oil of your choice, 20 min is a good length of time, shorter or longer if you prefer. pat dry and do the next step.
  • raise your feet, ideally above your heart for 10-20 min in the evening, especially if you stand all day, or walk for an hour or more.
  • massage feet with lotion or oil of choice. and gently massage nail beds and cuticles.
  • roll feet on a soft spiky massage ball, or other ball the size of a mandarin orange. small rubber street hockey balls are perfect for the job. or there are small bumpy rolling pin styles of foot massagers are also great.
  • walking barefoot in the garden – keep your feet grounded and used to different surfaces and textures. even walking barefoot at Dallas road on the rocks can be challenging! especially when our feet are so used to being in shoes.
  • using toe spacers – there are also several varieties of these, from silicone to foam. they help open the spaces between the toes. have you ever tried balancing without your toes?
  • foot exercises – there are many! these are a few: spread the toes, move them individually, kneel on your knees but keep the toes tucked under, stand tall and go high on your tippy toes, roll them under gently, circle the ankles etc.

keep your feet and toes moving and they will keep you moving!

284 days ago
Cindy Filler

Happy New Year 2019

Welcome to another new year! It’s time for a restart, fresh start, clean slate…however you refer to it, the whole world keeps turning, but with a turn of a calendar page, the ritual of starting over is a mental state of mind.
All those things on your to-do list have suddenly risen to the top of your awareness and the rush to do it all comes back into focus – the workouts, the weekly meal planning (do you really do this? wouldn’t this be great to do? does it last for a few weeks then you loose steam and then weeks go by…), the list of house reno’s and upgrades, new furniture, old furniture and clothing to go through (do those jeans still fit? or are you waiting to loose weight to wear them again?)….etc! It’s so overwhelming! And you thought December was busy!??

So you want to try out something new instead of the same old exercise routine? Here are some suggestions:

ELDOA – a mat class for spinal alignment and a stretch of the fascia/connective tissues from fingers to toes.

Bungee fitness – – a little support while you jump, and stretch?

Aerial yoga and hoops? – another way to “hang out”

Bellyfit – yoga and aerobics and movement with a DJ! Created in Victoria, BC, and it’s gone International!

Kundalini yoga – At Oak Bay Recreation, Monterey Center. Breath work and movement and chanting all in one.

Rebounder – Fitness class on a mini trampoline…get bouncing!

I could go on, but you get the idea. Mix it up during the week, try out a new workout once a month, you might find something new to play with. You will do exercise if its fun, it makes you feel good, and makes you smile all the way back home.

As for my work schedule, its getting pretty full, thanks to all your referrals. I truly am grateful for this! I call it “job security”. I am currently booking new patients at the end of February through March.
Current patients, book in early, get on the cancellation list, or contact me directly if there are certain days and times that you need but don’t see on my schedule.
I’m also working on my schedule to take new courses for my continuing education, as I am never bored with learning something new or refreshing some of the old!

384 days ago
Cindy Filler

October - Spooky-ween!

All Hallows Eve – another fun holiday that is prominent here in North America. But I’ve heard that its gaining popularity in the UK and Asia. The funniest trend to me is the costumes for dogs and other pets. I’ve gotten lost in the internet checking out the hilarious costumes created for our furry friends. My favorite is the taco! Did you know that Taco Cat is Taco Cat backwards?!

Taco Cats

But seriously here. This 4 video playlist from Buteyko Clinic International with a presentation about the importance of nasal breathing, why nitric oxide is important to the lungs, what happens with obstructive sleep apnea, why we need breathing retraining, and lots of research to support his nasal exercises and why we need to learn to breath through our nose during the day and, very importantly, at night as well. There is an associated reduction with rhinitis, asthma, OSA, apneas, anxiety, and other breathing disorders. Please check them out.