Figure 8 Therapeutics

May 25, 06:10 PM
Cindy Filler

May is not grey!

How do you like all this sunshine here in Victoria this month?! So fabulous to see locals walking, hiking, biking, SUP’ing, kayaking all around our fabulously green island! Great way to start off the summer and shed the spring/winter.

This month I went to a conference on Chronic Pain with Professor Lorimar Mosley from Australia. World renowned Neuroscientist. How’s that for an awesome title! As a very well funded researcher he and his team have come up with some wonderful ways to rethink how we talk about chronic pain. How does saying “your protection system” or your “danger system” sound instead? “Chronic” is very final, as if nothing can change it, its been around so long you don’t know what to do about it, or have done everything you can think of about it. Education about why your body hurts is a key element to understanding how the nervous system is turned on or off and how you can rethink it so that you have the control back. Because you do…its in your head or your brain.

Enjoy this new video and well organized website about rethinking pain.